Stone Soup

From a client who became a friend and has begun a journey upward......

Stone Soup
As we huddled
Around the campfire
Memories muddled too
That to which we did aspire
Rose ghostly grey
Shrouding our song
In what we could not say
Where do we now belong
Some remembered sunny days
Some sang of being wrong
I thought of the different ways
I’d tried to get along
And how your voice
Had comforted me…all these years
And one specific choice
About the wailing tree…our tears
Would they there
One day mingle
Our sorrows to share
Like shit on a shingle
There beneath the highway
By the Cumberland River
From tent city did I pray
Your song would deliver
This red hot ember
My heart’s loving essence
Would you remember
My dream presence
We were one
On a cosmic highway
We crashed near this sun
Where time is counted in days
And now this grey smoke
Rising from Nashville
Searches out the words you spoke
You said heaven will
Hear my angel cries
But I’ve never seen
Such empty skies
Cold I’m unredeemed
My song hangs here unheard
We sip stone soup
Watching the last word
As it leaves our frozen troupe
This is where
My fire dies

Smiling does a body good

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