Where Did Homeless Tales Disappear To?

Had a nice stretch of time off over the Xmas and New Year holiday; my bosses at OSDN have done us wonderfully and gave us plenty of time to spend with family and friends as 2009 drew to a close.

During that time, I was going to do some writing and interacting with my friends over at Homeless Tales but when I went to the site, I found it down and gone.  Been trying for ten days now and have had nothing.  Waiting to hear from my friend Matt Barnes, who created the site, but he must be experiencing serious problems as he hasn't replied in some time.

Not sure if MetisRebel, Reverend Cynthia, Michael from Slohomeless and/or Kerry Echo will see this but would love any or all to shoot me an email with some info if possible...

I'm heading back to work today, so "real life" begins again in earnest and this year will undoubtedly be a busy one, thanks to multiple projects and some additional money coming into the city to help with the scourge of homelessness.

There's big news in the administrative world of homeless services here in Nashville but at this point, I haven't been cleared to mention it, so I'll just leave you wondering what might be going on.  One thing I can tell you is that it will be a huge bummer for all of us who are in some way touched by it....

Lots to report as I get back into the grind, but i'm unable to do it this morning thanks to email I avoided for the past week taking up the majority of my time this fine morning.

Will be posting more shortly, and will be slowly gravitating to Change.org as I've signed a contract w them to write weekly.

Not sure what will happen to this blog yet but I suspect it will always be up and running since it deals primarily with issues related to Nashville's homelessness situation.  

More on all these things in the next few days.....

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